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UI Paper Cuts (Parent Task)
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This design task is targeted at contributing and new developers looking for smaller but worthwhile UI tasks. These are meant to be 'paper cuts' - very small UI annoyances that, in aggregate, make things unpleasant or annoying. All of these tasks should be smaller in scope, so that new or occasional developers can handle them.

This is a curated list of items picked from this Devtalk thread. It will be updated with new items over time.

The list

  •  T57685 Add Save Before Closing to File -> New
  •  T57686 Indicate which button gets activated when you hit Return
  •  T57687 Properties Node View Hierarchy
  •  T57688 Remember the last display mode in File Browser.
  •  T57690 No way to distinguish enum buttons that support shift-click to select multiple
  •  T57709 Add Ctrl-Wheel support to popovers
  •  T57710 Clicking on Driven decorator should open the Edit Driver popup
  •  T57711 Add horizontal scroll bar to Text Editor
  •  T57712 Move the transform info away from the header, into the viewport
  •  T57714 In the visibility popover, replace checkboxes with eye icons
  •  T57718 For the Sphere primitive, rename Size to Radius
  •  T57720 Scrollbars should make space for the invisible action zone in the corners
  •  T57721 For ID blocks, move + and x buttons into popover
  •  T57722 Fix: LookDev Preview spheres get clipped when viewport is tall or wide
  •  T57723 Add all Material options/panels in Shader Editor
  •  T57724 Fix: Preferences header flips position after installing addon
  •  T57725 Using scale handles with the Transform tool is almost impossible when viewed on-axis
  •  T57726 The Tool Settings UI should update when holding modifier keys
  •  T57727 Make the “redo” panel also appear in the tool settings tab
  •  T57731 Make the “redo” panel use the horizontal strip-design
  • T57738 Tooltips for Popover widgets
  • T57746 In the Outliner, dragging across the disclosure triangles moves the item rather than open or close the items
  • T57749 Shrink + buttons to open Toolbar & Sidebar in the Viewport
  • T57753 Dragging over the Properties tabs should switch context as you drag down the list
  • T57855 Drag and drop to set parent in the Outliner should work when dragging multiple objects
  • T57880 Remove confirmation dialogs Save or Delete, in favour of displaying messages in the Status Bar
  • T57894 Changing workspaces while Preferences is open causes Preferences to switch to 3D View.
  • T57895 Add Keying Set and New Keyframes options to the Timeline Sidebar
  • T57974 Reports: Remove background fade and keep them longer
  • T57992 Tooltips: Hide Shortcut if None found
  • T58070 Move the transform info away from the header, into the viewport.
  • T58071 Add slight margin to nodes, to avoid input conflict
  • T58072 Move Gizmo: Dragging inside center circle should always move freely
  • T58081 Move Proportional Editing options into popover
  • T58090 Active Curves UI point should stand out
  • T58147 Move Text Editor File Path to the bottom

The actual tasks are listed as subtasks under this parent task, with more information.


For new developers who might be interested in tackling any of these, refer to this document about contributing a patch:


Differential Revisions
D3748: Re-order Save Before Quitting to fit each OS
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can this be considered?

May be related or not, but also VSE cut operator, when cutting strips with applied fx is not behaving very well.

Allow copy & paste of strip, that has fx applied on top of it without copying both

Hi, i think it would make sense to add a seperate "Export selection" option in the File menu. I've often found myself accidentially exporting the entire scene because the current checkbox for that is not very obvious.

@Christoph Lohr (Thane5): We could also simply set Only Selected to be on by default. It's what you'd expect anyway. I recently added that to our defaults task, here: T54943

I really don't like that you have to Check THREE checkboxes for EEVEE to finally activate refraction for materials.
One in the material tab, and two in the render tab.
It took a bit too long to figure out.

I believe it should be just ONE, and the others should be ticked by default.

Hi there, I've noticed in Sculpt Mode that there is a warning dialog that displays when enabling Dynotopo:

Whilst the information is useful, having it display each time and having to click the 'ok' button I feel is frustrating and detrimental to the UX. There have been multiple instances where I have immediately dragged my cursor away from the box and looked elsewhere, not noticing (and forgetting!) that the box would display, and as a result started sculpting without Dynotopo, and wondering why my mesh resolution isn't increasing!

I've come up with a couple of ideas on how this could be improved (there're most likely additional pros/cons to each that I haven't considered):

  1. Have a 'Do not show again' button within the popup.
  2. Have an option or checkbox, either within the warning dialog itself, or perhaps within the User Preferences (could even be applied universally for other warning popups?) for users to choose to 'Display warning messages once per session' (for example).
  3. Give some immediately accessible indication within the viewport (perhaps on the top left of the viewport?) that the user is/isn't in Dynotopo sculpt mode. This could also help solve the issues of switching to/from other modes and having Dynotopo automatically disable without the user realising.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, or if it's a task too great to be considered a paper cut- please point me in the right direction! Thanks :)

@William Reynish (billreynish) rather than create a design task, needed your opinion on having an enable option on popover menus.

As a user if you click the menu and the option is disabled, the user can click an enable checkbox?

What's your view on this?

Also, there is an inconsistency with some popovers. The Overlay popover shows greyed out when not enabled but the snappin popover doesn't.

@Charlie Jolly (charlie): I don't fully understand the first question. The Use Guides option seems redundant in your image, isn't that what the Grid icon button does?

The reason the snapping isn't grayed out is that it's still applicable, because you can enable snapping by holding Ctrl without enabling the snapping toggle.

@William Reynish (billreynish) basically, if the user clicks on the menu instead of the grid icon, should we show an enable option in the popover if the option has not already been enabled? Does that make more sense? Or should the enable option not be shown?

@William Reynish (billreynish) basically, if the user clicks on the menu instead of the grid icon, should we show an enable option in the popover if the option has not already been enabled?

No, I don't think that's a good idea. Then there are two redundant ways to enable the option, which can add unnecessary confusion. We also don't do this in Overlays, for example.

OK, I'll remove that option for consistency. Thanks.

@William Reynish (billreynish) If you have time, please review the mail I sent you about new icons for Cutter and Segment selection.