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rigify: rigs don't export well to game engines
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Characters generated with rigify 0.5 won't work well when they are imported in external game engines, (Unity, Unreal etc.)

The reason is that rigify splits the deformation bones (layer 29) into separate chains for each module.

Once non deformation bones have been deleted, baked animations are likely break, and limbs won't follow the body.

We'll investigate how we can rework the hierarchy, in the meantime a conversion tool is being tested



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Paolo Acampora (pkrime) changed Type from Bug to Design.

The attached addon converts rigify human (other rigs need testing) to a hierarchy that will work in Unity

The panel Rigify Games will appear in the Armature properties when a rigify rig is in edit mode

Be mindful of T54159, T52063.

Specifically, animations for rigs that use non-uniform scaling on parented bone chains (i.e. all common stretchy rig setups with Stretch To) cannot be correctly baked, and thus often cannot be correctly exported. The only workarounds are to either not use non-uniform scaling (no fancy stretchy rigs), or unparent all bones.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 1 2018, 12:12 PM