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Blender 2.8 Crash - Translating Key Frames in Action Editor and Dope Sheet
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System Information
OS: Windows 10 Professional
CPU: Intel 4770k

Blender Version
Blender 2.80 Commit Date: 20181031


When translating key frames in the Dope Sheet or in the Action Editor, it causes an immediate crash.
This issue is not present in the F-Curve Editor when moving the key frames. It serves as a work around.

Reproduction Steps:
The following assumes that 'Auto Key Framing' is disabled and a simple object is being manipulated.
It is also possible to replicate this with Armature Key Frames and Key Frames for Light Colors. If it can have a Key Frame, it applies '

  1. In a new Blender Project File...
  2. Ensure you are on Frame 1 of the animation Timeline Window.
  3. Create a basic shape (cube, sphere, etc) or use the cube shape provided in the default starter view (if applicable).
  4. Select the shape and press the 'Create Key Frame' shortcut. This is 'I as in Island' by default.
  5. Choose Location, Rotation, Scale (LocRotScale).
  6. In the timeline window, move forward 10 Key Frames.
  7. Press G to translate the object to a new location in the 3d space.
  8. Press R to rotate the object to a new axis.
  9. Press S to scale the object to a new scale.
  10. Press the 'Create Key Frame' shortcut again, choosing Location, Rotation, Scale (LocRotScale) again
  11. Navigate to the Dope Sheet either by changing one of your existing views, splitting the view and opening it there, or changing to a window that has it by default
  12. Verify that in the Header for this view the 'View Context' is set to Dope Sheet.
  13. There should be two Key Frames visible: On Frame 1 and Frame 10.
  14. Save the Blend File.
  15. Right Click Select one of the Key Frames, then press the 'Grab' shortcut (G by default), and try to translate either forwards or backwards. This should result in an immediate crash.
  16. Repeat the above step but instead press the 'Scale' shortcut (S by default).
  17. Repeat the previous 2 steps, however this time change the 'View Context' to Action Editor. The results should be the same.



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Cant get it to crash in this simple scenario, but I'm pretty sure this is the same as T57530.
@Boomer FiftyNine (Boomer059) : can you confirm this doesnt happen when you start blender from the commandline with the --threads 1 option?

Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.Nov 2 2018, 1:35 PM

Marking as incomplete until we have an answer...

I created a shortcut to the exe, added -t 1 and now I can translate keyframes. After googling --threads 1 and -t 1 from the other task you posted, I couldn't find any documentation on what it does and why it solves the issue. For the sake of anyone who might experience this, and in the interest of a third task not being made, why does this solve the problem?

With --threads you can control how many tasks run in parallel in various areas of blender.
One of these areas is dependency graph evaluation (animationsystem, etc).

And while of course running more tasks in parallel usually is faster, it can also lead to bugs because different threads might read/write to the same data in an unexpected manner.

I'll merge this report into T57530, further discussion can take place there then.