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Allow upgrade/downgrade of membership level
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Users should be able to upgrade & downgrade their membership level whenever they want.


  • The minimum amount of time you can buy is still one month. This means that if you haven't paid enough yet to allow for a month of the new membership level, you have to pay extra.
  • Switching between membership levels should be lossless w.r.t. costs.


  • Assume that a membership level represents a fixed amount of money per time (MPT).
  • Use the MPT of the current membership level to convert the time between now and the subscription's next payment date into money.
  • Use the MPT of the desired membership level to convert that money back to a new time period.
  • If that time is less than a month, the user has to pay the difference.
  • If that time is a month or more, the next payment date is extended accordingly.

Changing the membership level implies:

  • Change existing membership.level to point to the new level
  • Change subscription.plan to point to the payment plan that belongs to that membership level.
  • Change subscription.price so that it matches the payment plan.
  • Send a confirmation email to the user.

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