Remove + buttons to open Toolbar & Sidebar in the Viewport & Text Editor
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In Blender 2.5 we added these + buttons in the corners on the viewport to open the toolbar and sidebar. However, these are often in the way, and means we can't put the viewport gizmos in the corners.

In the Text Editor, it overlaps with the text, which isn't very nice.

Because these things are both available in the View menus and can be opened with a hotkey, is should be ok to just remove these for the toolbar & sidebar.


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  • Some editors don't show this - timeline, graph editor (more TODO's then blockers).
  • Currently headers and properties tabs have no menu access to add it back.

    It's unclear if this design proposed to remove all or only some of these widgets, we could remove all, then make sure there are ways to add them back, however this is likely to be less discoverable - eg: Someone might might a header by accident, then not know to RMB over a blank area to toggle it back on.
  • The down side to removing only some of these is we have inconsistent ways to access regions.

Too many open topics - marking as incomplete.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton): I think this should only apply to the toolbar and sidebar, where we already have menu entries

Ok, there is still an issue of discover-ability,

If you hide by resizing, it's not obvious you need to enable them via the menu.

Other applications don't support this, there is normally a minimum width, hide show is done only via the menus or key bindings.

Suggest if we remove these UI elements we also don't support resize-to-hide.

It can be hidden by default. And when you move the mouse to the right or left side of the window then show "+".

And it is better to change the icon for the Sidebar because it is on the right side.