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Crashes whilst rendering
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System Information
Windows 10
CPU: AMD Athlon 870k
8GB DDR3 Ram

Blender Version

Short description of error

So I was working on a scene, when I wanted to render it, it crashed after a rendering 30-50 frames.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

I started experimenting what might be causing it with the startup scene. I did add a rotating camera around the cube and set the lamp to a sun while also adding a plane. When I rendered that, it seemed to work fine until crashing at frame 81. And adding other things like, soft shadows, sss, screen space reflections reduced that number by crashing at frames 30-40.
Here's my .blend

I don't exactly know how to find log files, but lemme know and I'll definitely send it.



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Apologies, sent the wrong .blend, here's the correct one:

here's what I'm lookin at:

also radeon system specs if it's needed

Updated task description to have the right file

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Still no crash here.

  • Do you have the latest GPU drivers?
  • does this happen with latest buildbot build as well?
  • Do you get any (error) messages when you launch blender from the commandline and then render?
  • youtube link is not working for me... (try attaching the video here) Here's a fixed link, also I just noticed this after playing the video back a couple times. it's in the video aswell. Also, I made sure to have my graphics driver updated.

can confirm it's the same problem in latest build, git.63150511a29-windows64

problem still present in build 26b1aa99436

problem still around in build blender-2.80.0-git.925380050d0-windows64

Edit: here's a scrnshot of console before crash:

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Hm, says

GPUTetxure: texture alloc failed. Not enough Video memory

Even though I am afraid, there is not much to be done here, I'll ask @Clément Foucault (fclem) if there is a chance that something is not freed correctly during animation? does this ring a bell?

P.S.: sorry this took a while to answer...

I apologize for not being active in this thread, I'm making this reply for now before someone starts figuring out what's wrong. I've downloaded the latest build and updated my drivers, I retried rendering the test scene again and it seems to work. I'm rendering a scene I made a few months ago that I didn't get to render, and seeing if it'll crash after a night of rendering.

So far it hasn't crashed and it's at 340 and has yet to crash so I'm crossing my fingers. I made a little mistake by rendering it as ff-meg instead of single images but I plan to keep it going until it finishes.
Thanks for your reply!

Speak of the devil... as I made that reply it just crashed. I didn't get a chance to read the command log, I assume it's the same thing but is there a way to read the command log again? It seems to have gone for a lot longer this time, it reached frame 600 until it crashed, so something went right..

Alright after 8 hours of rendering, I think the problem has fixed itself.. Must've been the updates from AMD drivers.. I rendered as images for 8 hours and nothing happened until I decided to use a little bit too much cpu when I was on the pc and it crashed. I'm sure that rendering as a video would most likely yield the same result. I'm certain my problem has been fixed by something new in blender builds or AMD drivers over the months. Thanks for your help!

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Thx for getting back, looks like this can be closed then...