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Continuous drag/tweak is broken with left select
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System Information

Windows 10 x64 Nvidia 1070

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Short description of error
The continuous grabbing/tweaking which works like selecting and dragging at the same time. This works perfectly with 2.79x where one can either use the left click or the right click to select and still use grab and drag (both in object level and mesh edit level).

In the current state of 2.8 it seems that this functionality was never thought to be part of the new branch or it is broken. As a long time user of Blender I highly appreciate if this functionality follows the behavior of the previous Blender versions, since this functionality is one of those small things that truely separates Blender from other apps in a posiitive way. In fact this traditional way of editing in Blender was a step forward, and has been a shining light of how mesh editing can be productive, and was a good example to other apps. I do hope this is not thrown into the thrash bin while trying to invent new ways of dealing with mouse selections, which is fine that is how we progress. I just hope that a good balanced progress wont get right of the "left click"+"release confirms", which is continuous dragging/grabbing.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

1- Make sure Release confirms enabled

2- Test them in mesh edit mode, where you use your right click to move vertices around, like click and drag at the same time, since this functionality only works on a single entity.

3- Now open your user settings and change "Selection With" to left click.

4- Now try step 2 with your new mouse selection setting. As you see there is no "continuous dragging/grabbing" anymore when left mouse is the selector.

This expected behavior does not also work with 2.7x keymaps.

It seems to me that changing selection method has no affect on bringing the old behavior, rather selecting the left setting makes right click a menu thing. I personally would prefer if the functionality is just reversed, not complicated with new menus and functionalities.

The reason why the original method was fundemantally beautiful has to do with how graphics tablets operate the left click. In generaly your graphic pen's left click is dragging on the surface while touching the surface , therefor the grab and drag functionality works flawless, like heavenly match. This new behavior is truly a setback unfortunately for those artists who use a tablet



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I also want to add that this new implemetation breaks the ability to pose the bones with left click (drag and release), which works perfectly with 2.79x or before either with left or right mouse buttons.

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Can confirm this conflict.

  • 2.8 Select with Right: move/translate is mapped to tweak right any
  • 2.8 Select with Left: move/translate is still mapped to tweak right any (but conflicts with RMB context menu)

Of course this could be changed manually if you

  • map move/translate to tweak left any (now that would conflict with box select)
  • disable box select (not the 'B' entry -- the conflicting tweak left any) -- or map it to something else
  • that will still not give you what you had in 2.7 (this will let you tweak-move, but it doesnt select right away)
  • for that you have to change mapping of Select Or Desect All from mouse left click to mouse left press

That is the thing with going into the direction of a more 'standardized' keymap: it takes away some of the beauty (as you already noticed)
That being said I think with blenders high customization capabilities, you can still set it up like you want (see above).
Note that this hasnt been tested thoroughly, there might be other conflicts creeping up if you do it like that.

btw.: the reasoning behind Select with Left not only reversing (but changing other things as well) is in e.g. rBbf7af31e9f7c

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht): not sure this is a bug or something that needs to be addressed?
(confirming and assigning to you for the time being...)

The new Select tool can do transform tweak as before.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) thanks for the pointers.

@Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) This must be a new addition, since I filed this. I ll be testing it.