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Collections naming
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10

Blender Version
2.8 Beta 2018-11-29 15:57

Short description of error
When im create new collection i have to click name. I cant press M > create new > and input collection name. I have to take mouse and click input box then i can text. Its annoying if you want clean old projects and you have to wave hand 1000 times . Idk its a bug or its designed for working like this?

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This is a known TODO, not really a bug, more some UX/UI polishing. @William Reynish (billreynish) wanna add this to the paper cut list?

And now i tested Ctrl + G and its show popup box with "new collection" but nothing happened after rename, pressing esc, enter.

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@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) should we close or merge this into an other ticket? Or is it fine as it is?

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This has been fixed in the latest master.