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Tilt curve point (tool menu) do not works
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Tilt curve point (select from tool menu) do not works when LMB select mode enabled
Steps to reproduce:

  • switch to LMB select mode
  • add curve
  • switch to edit mode
  • select curve point
  • click to "tilt" button in tool menu
  • try hold LMB and move

Expected behaviours: Tilt manipulator will appear and dragging LMB will change tilt of curve point.
Present behaviours: No tilt manipulator will appear, hold and drag LMB just move curve point


  • When RMB select mode enabled, no tilt manipulator will appear but tilting is possible as expected.
  • Ctrl+T works properly

Blender Version
Official 2.80 beta for Linux 64, from 2018-11-28