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Bug nr 1. This looks more like an improvment.

  1. Go to Dopsheet.
  2. zoom out and click a yellow/white diamond
  3. Zoom in -> Expected result -: position the blue line right at the center of the diamond so that you don't have to zoom in and reposition the line in center of the diamond
  4. What actually happens: if you zoom in the line is not in center of the diamond, and you have to reposition the line, zoom in and do this over and over again make it time consuming to edit keyframes.
  1. Improvment request for rendering: When you render look at the next frame, if is the same as previous one then do not render, copy the previous one. This may improve render speed more then you think. Please respond what do you think. If you need more ideeas please let me know as well.

PS: If you need my help (testing a bug or anything else please let me know )
I'm a php web developer (so I'm very familiar with php, css, html or js - I have 10+ years experience ). I have a job, so I will be helping you in my free time for free :)

Thank you for Blender. I started to build some animations for youtube, if I manage to earn money, I will start to donate, for now I offer you my knwledge as thank you!

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Jacques Lucke (JacquesLucke) claimed this task.

The bug tracker is not for feature requests. Please use for that.

Maybe you want to activate the "Zoom to Mouse Position" setting in the User Preferences. That should make your workflow faster I think.

If you zoom to mouse, then everytime you zoom, you need to zoom out as well ... so it is a partial solution, but is creating a different problem. Do you want me to create a video to show you what I mean?

oh, zooming to mouse position is still not in center of the diamond

You're asking for the playhead to snap to keyframes. That might be an interesting feature to add, though it may also get in the way. Generally up/down keys are used for quickly navigating between keyframes.

But anyway, this tracker is strictly for bugs.

Ok, I saw it as a bug because I thoght it supposed to snap to the keyframe .. so where should I submit this ?
Also what do you think about the other improvement regarding speeding up rendering? I know is not a bug, but can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you very much for fast reply!