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delay in info editor
Closed, ResolvedPublicBUG


System Information
Operating system: Mint 19
Graphics card: GTX860M

Blender Version
Broken: beta build of december 1rst

Short description of error
Delay displaying info in info editor

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Switch to scripting workspace to display both 3D view & info editor
  • Deselect all your objects
  • X to delete objects
  • Until your click on info editor, the line "Deleted 0 object(s)" is not displayed
  • This works whatever the number of deleted objects is != 0

Event Timeline

Jacques Lucke (JacquesLucke) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to 50.Dec 3 2018, 4:06 PM

Thanks for the report, that should be fixed.

The issue is still happening in 2.8 build of 2019-05-13

Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii) changed the subtype of this task from "Report" to "Bug".

Not really sure this is a bug.
We have lots of operators the return OPERATOR_CANCELLED when nothing really changed (look for blocks like the following)

if (!changed) {

If the operator was cancelled then the BKE_report apparently doesnt refresh info editor immediately (it does with OPERATOR_FINISHED).
D7238: Fix T58439: Info Editor does not show operator reports immediately when operator cancelled. fixes this, not 100% sure this is the best place for the notifier though...