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Circle Select Tool Bugs
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Blender Version
Broken: 2.8 beta, be91d4ef957, 2018-12-04

Short description of error
Using the Circle Select tool via hotkey (C) won't change the toolbar highlighted tool. Another bug is that selecting it via hotckey blocks you from clicking any UI/menu items. But manually selecting it from the toolbar works just fine.



Event Timeline

The tool and the [modal] operator are still separated to a certain degree.
So hotkeys are different as well [C for the modal operator, SHIFT+SPACE -> C for the tool]
So when you use C you are not entering the tool really.

The tool is using the operator code, but

  • it seems the tool is skipping the modal handling (unless you press the mouse)
    • leads to events not being swallowed for the tool (so UI is not blocked, you can still click menus etc.) [which is good in my opinion]
    • (the operator was always blocking and is not considered a bug in my opinion)
    • when you press the mouse for the tool, some modal stuff is still being executed though (press + mousewheel looks like it changes the radius -- but it doesnt really...) [which is bad in my opinion]

Havent studied the toolsystem in depth, but I guess it would be good to

  • add tool keymap to change the tool radius as well (this is missing atm afaics)?
  • I guess it is intended to keep the (temporary) modal operator (as opposed to the tool) or should this be dropped entirely?

I could look into adding the tool keymap for the radius, but would first ask for opinions of @William Reynish (billreynish) , @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) , @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht)

The currently works as intended. This way the modal operators can be used when any tool is active.

However, we have discussed several things related to this, including a preference for all the hotkeys to map to the active tools instead.

We could perhaps add a shortcut to set the circle select size, although it’s problematic because the keyboard is not free. When a tool is active, it doesn’t override the entire keyboard, which would make it impossible to use shortcuts then.