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Selection Miss-registering
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Geforce 1070

Blender Version
2.8 (Beta)
Worked: (2.7b)

Short description of error
Selection Miss-registering

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
With my version of 2.8 I copied the settings over from 2.7b. When adapting to the new version, I noticed that when selecting/deselecting a mesh by pressing A, there is a lag and miss-register of the button press. If I press A to select and press it again to deselect, most of the time I will have to press A more than the second time to get the object to deselect. I also noticed this can occur with the circle selection tool. The difference with this being that the scroll wheel button to deselect something doesn't register unless I exit circle selection and then press C again to start it back up.



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Exactly which 2.8 version are you using? I tried a build from today and I do not have these issues.

2.8 Beta. Could be specifically my PC as I recently swapped Graphics Card and it was happening with the old card as well.

@Luke Wills (Willzinator) there are many blender 2.8 betas. There is a new one released on this page every day
The build date and hash is available on the startup splash screen.

My apologies. This information is:

Date = 30-11-2018
Hash = 0f5b53ba4dc

Additional note:
I just remembered that is occurred with a version of the Alpha too.