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Camera View shows nothing
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Operating system: Linuxmint 19.0
Graphics card:Geforce GTX1050

Blender Version
81ea815dcb6, 2018-12-12

I have 2 windows open in my startupfile
on the 2. window I have a camera-viewport

I deleted all cameras and added a new one. Then after 2* [Numlock]-[0] to reactivate the cameraview, I see only a blank window.

When I change the 1. Window to cameraview - it works fine.
When I change in the 2. Window a new cameraview - nothing works.

I could not reproduce this 100% with a new file, but I sent the blend-file where this happens.



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It looks like the camera frame is out of bound in your second windows, it's obvious if you set the camera "passepartout' value to maximum.
I haven't succeded to correct your layout, but I wounld't call this a bug, you need to re make the 2nd windows layout from scratch.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) closed this task as Invalid.

Somehow the view has become corrupt, to fix the bug we need to know how to redo the error.

To reset the view, press home.

If you manage to redo the error, open a new issue.

other question:

why did you remove the tag "BF Blender: 2.8." ???

this is Blender 2.8