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Smooth option absent from Edge and Face context menu
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In Blender 2.79, it was possible to smooth a selection's vertices directly from the mesh context menu (W) in all edit modes (vertex, edge and face). The function was removed from the edge and face mesh context menu, making large-scale smoothing slighlty more complicated. Smoothing via the Vertex menu (Ctrl + V) gives the same results, but is not as "smooth" a process.

It would be awesome to see the functionality restored in all mesh context menus.

[EDIT] Apologies for the bad description. This was observed in a build from December 3rd (the screenshots are from that same build). After downloading the newest version today, I noticed that the context menu has already changed slightly, but the smoothing option is still present only in the Vertex context menu.



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This is a deliberate decision.

If you want it in the W menu, you can select multiple selection modes (with shift) and then you will have both the vertex and face menu for example.

Or you could right click the smoothing option and add to quick menu (so you just have to hit Q to get to them).

Otherwise, this is a feature request and should go to: