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Dynamic Spacebar Menu: Initial port to 2.8
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Hi, this is the initial port of the Dynamic Spacebar Menu addon for Blender 2.8 series.
Fix for; Icons, Api changes, remove no longer valid entries, some cleanup, remove pivot point entry as it needs rethink and design.

Major Change:** Key binding has been changed from Spacebar to Alt/Spacebar to avoid conflicts with the new system.

To do:
As there are now new workspace areas in Blender 2.8, Grease Pencil entries no longer work. They will be addressed at a later stage if applicable.
As there are new Object types in Blender 2.8 The menus currently do not work with Light Probes.
Some classes have been left in and the menu entries removed

Summary: I've tested every menu in every mode they are supposed to work in and reduced the console errors to 0 as far as I can tell.



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) triaged this task as Normal priority.

@Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto), not sure how you want to do this, but if you are looking for a code review I guess it's better to post create a diff so it's easy to see the changes and make inline comments:

I think you can also just commit fixes to git directly, but avoid version bumping to 2.80 until you think it works well enough to be exposed to users.

Thanks @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) I still have a couple of fixes to add, I'll be careful

committed rBA09b05312b94f76a3096d00f464ee8e2ed7708585
I decided to keep the original spacebar key mapping. This addon will need further updates to reflect new functions and modes and object types. I will create another task for the updates at an appropriate time. Currently the addon is fully functional returning no errors and as such, version bumped to 2.8