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Shape key keyframes won't change in value. They keep snapping back to the original keyframe's value
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: GTX Geforce 770

Blender Version
(blender2.8, 2019-01-17 10:44)

When I try to animate shape keys, the value keeps snapping back to whatever the original keyframe was. Granted, I'm fairly new, so I can't tell whether this is a bug or a mistake on my end. I had the same issue with a previous build (Blender 2.8 2019-12-26 22:09). Doesn't matter whether or not the record button is enabled. The layer is unlocked (it let me edit the value to set the first keyframe).

To make it easier to explain, here's a video capture of the problem:

Event Timeline

This seems like normal behaviour, and should be affecting all types of animation, not just shape keys.

Since you already keyframed that value, any changes you make to that value are, logically, overwritten by that keyframe when the timeline moves, unless you say otherwise, by placing a new keyframe.

If you find this unintuitive for your workflow, take a look at the Auto-Keying option. This will automatically create a keyframe for you when you move something(including shape key values). It can be quite dangerous if you forget about it and unwittingly move things around without meaning to put down a keyframe.

Hope that helps, let me know if I misunderstood the issue.

Thanks for the response but I don't think that's what's happening here. Coming from video, I'm familiar with keyframes and auto-keying, and this is odd behavior. I'm saying when I try to adjust the value at any point in the timeline after the first keyframe is set, the value will snap back immediately. Blender will not let me adjust the value at all. It doesn't matter if I set the second keyframe before or after adjusting the shape key value, or whether or not I use auto-keying. The value will not change.

Oddly enough I found one exception. I had an audio track in the video sequencer so I could time the animation to the audio. When I deleted the audio and tried to make a new keyframe with a different value, Blender let me make the adjustment. But now it's back to how it was before, snapping back to whatever value it's currently set to.

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Cannot reproduce here [doing this from scratch]


But we have a couple of reports that are similar in that values snap back after a keyframe has been inserted (for an [incomplete] list, see T60559)

So @Chris Steinberger (CStein) : could you share your blendfile, so we can have a look and reproduce?

Marking as incomplete until we have access to that file

Sure. I simplified the project a bit and just left the object I'm having issues with. Gave it another test and it's still coming up with the same problem.

I tested the T60598 file you attached and that's working perfectly.

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Can confirm in that file indeed....

Okay, so i found a way around this bug, as one of my animation was having issues with the same problem you are facing.

How i got around it was i selected all of my character, ctrl - c and opened up a older version of blender like 2.79
i pasted my character in there and adjusted the shape keys there, as well as finished my animation there as it is more stable currently.
after i was finished i did the same ctrl - c after selecting my character and deleted the one in 2.8 and pasted the one i now had in 2.79 with the changed shape keys.

while its a hassle and i hope this bug is fixed, it was the only way and answer i found on this particular issue i think you are currently going through.