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Cloth Simulation won't work on a specific object
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Build 17134
Graphics card: AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7

Version 2.8 - dc3b5024be1a

I've got an object that is a stylized "clump" of hair, which I've put a Cloth Simulation modifier on. But for some reason, no matter what I do, the thing just won't move.

I've tested cloth simulation on a brand-new Grid object, and it works perfectly, but following the exact steps on this hair object results in it not moving at all, even after baking it. I tried pinning it with a vertex group, but that just makes the vertex group alone move without the rest of the mesh. Even parenting it to another object and moving that just results in the hair staying right where it is. I've cleared bakes and the cache, and it still happens.

The hair has been created using the method outlined in this video (that being to bevel and taper a curve using other curves, and use Object > Convert to > Mesh from Curve to turn it into geometry).

If it matters, this hair was first duplicated via Shift+D when it was a beveled curve, then converted to a mesh.



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Please upload the .blend file so that we can reproduce the issue.

Just pressing play should show what's wrong. The hair ("Hair.007") is parented to the cube ("Cube"), which rotates. The hair stays right in place, no matter how much I mess with the settings. Pinning the vertex group named "Root" will make only those vertexes follow the cube.

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The issue here is two fold. First all the cloth simulation settings are set to 0, use the defaults to begin with at least.

The second is that there are a lot of overlapping verts at the end points of that mesh. So you will have to remove doubles to make it work.

Also, when simulating hair like this. You use planes and then have the planes deform your hair objects with the mesh deform modifier.
You also use pinning groups to move the roots of the hair around.

However, this is a place for bug reports, so we can't really help you further.