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Progressive Rendering: generate video preview
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Having a video preview (at least of the first sample chunk) would improve usability of the progressive rendering, as only a list of linear EXR files isn't all that useful.

This would require correct conversion from the linear EXR files to the desired output colour space. Options to investigate are:

  • Use OpenColorIO's ocioconvert tool to convert the files, then feed to FFmpeg.
  • Use the Blender sequence editor to output PNG files in the correct colour space to feed to FFmpeg.
    • Open the job's blend file, duplicate the scene with 'copy settings only', fill the VSE with the EXR sequence, then render to PNG.
    • Create a new blend file, copy certain colour/OCIO-related settings (using BAT maybe?) from the original blend file, then fill the VSE with the EXR sequence and render to PNG.
  • Bake a LUT file from Blender's colour settings, and give that to FFmpeg to let it do the colour conversion.


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Output to JPEG would also be good enough (w.r.t. PNG).

Implemented as the 2nd option (open blend file, create scene, fill VSE, render) in 3371e5d, b3c620b, and a bunch of commits on the Worker