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Changing Mode
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Win 10 64 Pro
i9 14 core
NVidea Titan Pascal


Now don't yell at me this time.....I'm only trying to help and I know you're very busy but......

I was in Modeling mode with a mesh selected in object mode

I then went to check if that particular mesh had a shader on it in shader mode.
… didn't

I then went back to modelling mode and the mesh had '''slipped'' in to edit mode.

I repeated said operation about 5 times...…same effect........Now that defo didn't seem right.

Sorry about the size of the blend file but {F6447923}in the middle of a project.




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The top row of tabs (called Workspaces) will automatically switch into the appropriate mode (pre configured for them). Modeling and UV Editing will auto switch to edit mode for example. Sculpting will auto switch to sculpt mode etc.

This behavior can be somewhat surprising so, right now, you'll need to be aware of that.

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ok, so do I understand that correctly? The issue you describe is that the object automatically switches to edit mode when you go to the Modeling workspace?

Yes. However one of your colleagues kindly explained to me that this was 'normal' behaviour when changing between workspaces. Thanks for getting back to me on this