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Quick Favorite items not remembered after restarting Blender
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Operating system: Ubuntu 18.10
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Broken: 2.80beta, 690478027bd7

  • start blender with new profile
  • shift-A to bring up add menu, hover over "Mesh->Plane", right click "Plane" and add to quick favorites
  • escape from pop-up menu
  • hit Q to verify that "Plane" is in quick favorites
  • quit blender, restart blender
  • observe that the quick favorites menu is now empty
  • stdout and stderr have no relevant output that I could see



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The quick favorite menu is actually tied to your user preferences (though it's not mentioned). Each time you make a change to the favorites menu go to Preferences and Save. You're not the first to run into this quirk but I don't know of any plans to improve this.

Ah, thanks. That is unexpected, but I understand the logic.

I'm in favor of an "autosave" mode for the QF menu. In lieu of that, I'd be happy to see a "Save Menu Items" in the quick favorites menu itself, so I don't have to go to the prefs every time to save it. (It would be nice to save the menu items in the QF menu without saving all prefs, too.)

In lieu of that, and probably simplest for the devs (?), and also logical considering the way it all works, would be to enable the "Save Preferences" button from the preferences window to show up as a QF menu item in all contexts, not just the prefs window. That way users can add "Save Preferences" to their QF, add new menu items anywhere in blender, and then save them without having to open prefs. Seems like it'd be a quick fix?

I'm sure you folks have other priorities; just suggesting in case it's helpful. Thanks!

(I can close this bug, but maybe I should leave it to an official person?)

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I'm sure this would be a nice (and easy) feature request that you can post on
Perhaps you can also put in some other improvements you would like for the QF menu as well.