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Per-Viewport Collection Visibility
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This is a follow up to D4011. We agreed to create a new design task for this.

For Collection visibility, we have two remaining unsolved problems still:

  1. The ability to view different Collections in different viewports
    • This is useful for a number of workflows. Imagine creating a forest. It's useful to see the whole forest in viewport 1, but then only see a single tree in viewport 2.
    • Or, if you are making an animation: In viewport 1 you see the whole scene from the camera with everything visible. In viewport 2, you only see what is needed for the animation. Everything that would obscure your character is hidden.
  2. The ability to set temporary viewport visibility, and then return to a previews visibility state
    • You may have set the scene visibility a certain way that makes your scene look correct. Then you might want to temporarily view certain Collections while adjusting something, and then return to the previous state.

It turns out that we can solve both these problems in a simple way: By bringing back 'unlinked' visibility. Adding this one option back allows us to kill two birds with one stone.

In Blender 2.79, we had the ability to override the layer visibility for each viewport, or return to the main scene visibility using this toggle:

This actually solves both of the above issues: You can then set it up to only show a different set of Collections in your scene, *and* it also allows users to temporarily see a different set of Collections and return to the main visibility by toggling back off the override.

In 2.8, we have the Collections Visibility popover in the 3D view. Here we could add the toggle, like so:

  • Overrides visibility per viewport
  • Let's you go back to previous state by disabling again

In addition, this toggle gives the popover a true reason to exist.



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@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) @Julien Kaspar (JulienKaspar) @Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) any thoughts on that? It will effectively add another layer of invisibility for users to deal with it.

This is true, in a way.

But this was a fairly important option in 2.7x, and adding this one option actually makes it so we can avoid doing other more complicated things like saved visibility states etc.

And besides, I think we need to add this anyway, for the case where you just want to see different things in different viewports.

It also gives the Collection Visibility popover a reason to exist. Currently it's redundant.

I'd rather we focus on other improvements. I haven't seen many users ask about this.

Count me as one of said users, but there's no hurry ☺ I even made a thread in DevTalk describing a really neat use case that my friend uses it for. Now that Local Cameras are back, this would be the other last feature needed

It would be great to have the abilty to have different collections vissible in different viewports! The way with the viewport vissibility override is great, an so it gives the Collection Visibility popover a reason to exist!

@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) has done great work lately on visibility. Maybe he can have a look, if this task is hard or easy to establish?!

To give my feedback on this as well: I like it!
But I think it would be more usable as a tab in the sidebar instead of a popup. There's a reason why the Ctrl + H menu was never used, and it's because it was harder to access if you have to first hit a shortcut (or in this case click on a tiny button).

I think the old "Layer Management" Addon is an interesting point of inspiration for this. I used it a lot in 2.7x and often kept it open on the side.

@Julien Kaspar (JulienKaspar): Well yes, but that is an entirely different issue.

However, I agree that the UI in the Collections Visibility popover is weak. The hierarchy isn't properly communicated, and the fact that it's a popover isn't so nice, compounded by the fact that the 3D view header is overcrowded now.

A mini-outliner view, with proper hierarchy, in the Sidebar I think is probably more useful here.

I think this would be a very welcome addition!
Actually I was expecting the dropdown menu in the 3d Viewport to be per viewport by default.
Overlays, Object Visibilty and Shading are per viewport, so it would only be logical to make the collections dropdown menu be per viewport as well. Or at least add the option to override it. I agree with @William Reynish (billreynish) that currently it is just redundant and adds no extra funcionality.

I am badly missing the option to setup objet and collection visibilty per viewport. I was hoping that maybe we could bind a Viewlayer or Scene to a workspace, but Per Viewport Visibilty would already be a step in the right direction.

I would prefer a viewlayer selector per 3D Viewport and overrides for visibility as other overrides.
I think that old demo from dalai about matcap overrides per objects was working well.

Now shading properties and overlays are per viewport properties.
If limitation is just about Rendered display method, I think that users could accept the fact to have only 3D Viewport in sync with properties able to be in Rendered mode.

A few use-cases where this feature really helps:

Character animation: Animate in a clean and simplified viewport while viewing the result in context in another viewport.

Modeling: View a single item in one viewport while seeing it in context in another viewport

Layout: View a collection in one viewport while seeing the instance in context in another view.

Some Plugins: Some plugins like Blender Light Studio can not be ported if this option does not exist.

This is one of the main features we decided to use blender for our virtual production studio.
The ability to have a second output with (in our case is an alpha output)
makes it super comfortable to integrate realtime preview over greenscreen and vice-versa.
Mask out some objects or just bring CGI elements in front of people is really handy with multiple viewport visibility's.

Because we want to use 2.8 and eevee for our preview.
for now, do the alpha output with 2.79 at the same time :D

Any update about this feature?

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