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Bendy bone animation, remove a group of keyframes and get unexpected results
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Having tried to perform a simple bouncing ball animation using bendy bones, as set-up in the following example file:

If I remove the group of keyframes at frame 20, the result of interpolation looks wrong. What was expected is at least the position of ball and bone would be somewhere between the last and the next keyframes, but not fall down to near floor line.



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I don't see anything wrong here. If you delete the last keyframe updating the object Z position, it will obviously reset to the previous key that is now the last one.

Sorry to say I think you've missed the point. It should be the keys at frame 20, not the last two. The one at frame 23 hangs near the top of the third division of the grid. Please try again.

There are no keys for object Z beyond 20.

So far, I was assuming that you only need keying the changes of the bones and thus inserting loc/rot/scale for the bone alone. I had to come out of the pose mode, back to Object Mode, then select everything to rekey in order to get the desired result. Something tells me that should not be the case. The position of the bone (which is parented to the skin (ball)) should be enough, shouldn't it?