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Some terms in translation needs to be separated
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Some words in English may have several meanings, and this words can be translated differently. So I suggest to separate this terms, to give different translations of same word

This is a collection of this strings, that I found:


  • Projection method
  • Mesh plane (material preview)
  • Blur type


  • Material roughness
  • Particle's non-uniformness


  • Projection
  • Place to store proxy data


  • Normal Direction
  • Usual / typical / default
  • Color blend mode


  • Create new file (file-new)
  • Adjective for time remapping
  • Create new selection


  • "Keyframing"
  • Keying node for compositing

"Clip Start" and "Clip End"

  • Camera view
  • Light distance


  • Old international fonts
  • Moving objects


  • Position (Background)
  • Interpolation type


  • Emission of light
  • Emission of particles



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Bastien Montagne (mont29) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.Feb 12 2019, 12:09 PM

Thanks for the report, but general assessments like that do not really help, we cannot separate everything in Blender. Please provide specific cases (with exact, complete message that has several meanings, and which meanings absolutely need to be separated).

Also please take in account that adding context to translations make things heavier for everybody (in the code, for the translators of every language…), so please do not be too picky here, i.e. if you can find a word/expression in your language that can convey all meanings, even if it is a bit imperfect/on the edge, use it. The less i18n contexts we use, the better it is. ;)

E.g., why 'Clip Start/End' actually has to be different for camera and light? They are basically the exact same thing - clipping a distance…

Probably, I didn’t explain well - this is all specific cases (complete text strings) . The problem affects in general in one-word strings. So "Emission" - is problem string, "Emission color" - not. So this is exactly specific cases (complete text strings) (only "Clip Start" and "Clip End" combined in one item )

@Bastien Montagne (mont29)
I know we should try to simplify things where possible, but currently there are some quite visible problems with strings being assigned in a too liberal way to different things.
At the very end of T43295 I've stated a lot of cases I've found while starting to translate 2.8 strings, some of the reports are the same as the ones in this issue.

I'll give just one example:
Light string is assigned to a "file compression method" (the opposite from 'heavy') and to "the lights" that illuminate the scene. So, currently, in Spanish when you want to add a new Light it reads Lightweight, and if I change the string to mean Lamp, when someone wants to choose between compression modes it gets Heavy and Lamp, as options. :-/
That kind of fail makes the translation look cheap (at least in Spanish) and I think we should make our best to iron them out.

If we (translators) need to specify where the issues are in a clearer way, I have absolutely no problem in dedicating time to do so.

Also, personally as a translator, I prefer having to translate 6 times the same string with different meanings, if necessary, than to see the product of all my efforts end up as a mediocre translation.

Thanks for considering it!

Eeeh indeed missed your comment in T43295, best would be to merge this one there, and add additional requests from @Michael Soluyanov (crantisz).

Am not opposed to those changes (I also translate in French and occasionally hit that kind of issue), am just stressing that we should only fall back to context disambiguation when it is really needed, that’s all.