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Hide Object Constraints Properties when in Pose Mode
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Since we don't even allow adding object constraints her while in Pose Mode, this tab is entirely pointless while in Pose Mode, and only serves to confuse. The Properties are meant to be context sensitive, so it makes sense to only see Bone Constraints while in Pose Mode:

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In my opinion we could remove that warning and allow users to edit the object constraints.

This warning was added in rB6feddb8b61df: Constraints UI Tweak:.

I can see the reasoning but I'm not convinced it's the right trade-off.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) Yes, we could do that too. That current warning box does seem clumsy.

I think that, given the fact that you can also adjust object transforms and related things while in Pose Mode, we could also just make both object and bone constraints available normally, as before.

If our Properties was more context sensitive, it could be different, but for now I agree with you.

Agree to mark this as invalid. We should rather just move the Object Constraints warning box. We don't have such a warning box for the object transforms either.