NLA armature channels select error
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Group: V 2.30 release
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Hi guys !

This is probably old. When I have a NLA window, and
click over an armature channel to add some actions, I
get a "Not an armature" message error. This is solved
by clicking some channels above the actual armature
channel. Let's say in some constraint, camera or other
armature channel. The "offset" in the selection
remains constant (meaning for instance that if
clicking 4 channels above works tehn always by
clicking 4 channels above the actions are added to the
right armature).
Very annoying when you have 3 or more armatures
around, you're never sure about what armature your're
adding actions for.

It's quite old indeed, and still present in 2.28c (I
think it's post-publisher)

Both Linux and Windows.




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