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Collection instance origins are set to (0,0,0) and can't be changed.
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System Information
Operating system: Win Pro 64
Graphics card: GTX 1050

Blender Version
Broken: b4db7d80f18b

Short description of error
When instancing collections the origin point of the instance is always set to (0,0,0). There is no way to control the origin point of a collection before or after it's instanced.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open new file - general.
  2. Move the cube to 10,10,10
  3. Create a new collection named Original Collection and place the cube in it.
  4. Add the collection to the scene as an instance. That instance will also be named Original Collection which leads to major confusion. In the outliner it will have an Original Collection nested below it. Maybe the usual .001 suffixes would help here.
  5. Expand the hierarchies in the outliner to tell what's what.
  6. The collection instance will have its cube at (10,10,10) but the origin of the collection is at (0,0,0) so it shows as not being moved at all. It would be nice if the new collection instance had its origin at the center of the cube but how do you go about doing that?
  7. Set the 3d cursor to 5,5,5.
  8. There are three things in the Outliner named Original Collection now. Hide the actual Original Collection if you can tell which one it is.
  9. Now, click on the Original Collection seemingly nested under itself. Then move the 3d cursor and set the origin. Nope that doesn't work.
  10. Ok, select the parent of the instance Original Collection and set the origin. Nope, that doesn't work.
  11. Right click on the parent and click Select Hierarchy, then set the origin. Yay, finally it works. Wait a second. Click on the cube and hit G. Seems we didn't set the origin but simply transformed it. The instanced cube just jumped to (15,15,15). The collection origin is still the same relative to the cube.



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Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Confirmed, Medium.

To me this doesnt sound like a bug, but like normal behavior.
The origin of a collection is always at 0,0,0. If you want to have the origin of the collection be at the same place as the object in your collection, you have to select the Cube, snap the cursor to the origin of the cursor and then go to the Collections Panel in object properties and choose "Set Offset from Cursor" in the little dropdown menu to the right.
If I try this here the collections work perfectly normal, the same way like in 2.79, so I would consider this not a bug.

Invalid. Seriously? Setting the origin transforms the collection. That's clearly a bug. Also having the origin be set in a completely different way than everything else is a bug as well. Don't just close this out. Set it to a lower priority but to call this behaviour Normal is an insult.

Please provide a blendfile that demonstrates the bug then.

The user interface here is quite poor. It would be best if the "Set Origin" operator also worked for collection instances, and if the collection origin would also be editable in the properties editor for objects that instance the collection.

But this kind of improvement is something we consider outside the scope of the bug tracker, as user feedback and feature requests: