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3D-Cursor do not snap face orientation with X and Y
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2.80 (sub 45), 168d3fd528c4, 2019-02-27 01:36

Despite all kinds of settings cursor align face only by Z-axis.
But cursor`s X and Y still affected by view.
I tried

Also by Shift-RMB cursor always oriented by view, despite settings.

Align rotation by snapping target means all axes, am I right?
I made addon, that can reorient object locals to cursor`s rotation. And found, that there is no way to orent cursor to face just by click.
And there is no way to snap cursor`s orientation to face orientation. So cursor`s orientation is near useless.



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It seems, there is wrong conversion from normal axes to cursor`s and it inherits rotation from first cube
p.s sorry for bad enunciation.

I looked into info-console and saw this.
Still view-oriented, ignoring 3d-cursor settings and snap-settings partially

Also default cursor`s rotation mode is Euler now. It causes problems with gimbal lock very fast when dragging it here and there with snapping.
Please make Quaternion default.