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Sculpt Mode Doesn't Update When Selecting Other Objects Without Leaving Sculpt Mode
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System Information

Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Gforce GTX 1050 Ti
But I am a teacher and I am using Blender 2.8 in my classes at the university I work. This bug happens in different hardware configurations.

Blender Version

Blender 2.80
Date: 2019-03-04 11:00
Hash: 2644ef8f49b
(Tested today, but this has been happening for a while)

Short description of error

When you have more the one geometry in the scene, enter the Sculpt Mode of one of them, sculpt something, and select any other geometry with Alt+Clic ("Lock Object Modes" Must be disabled in the Edit Menu), the modifications made in the sculpted object doesn't display. For them to be displayed you have to select the object and leave sculpt mode. This is very bad for those who like to sculpt with multiple objects at the same time to merge them in the end (with pro booleans or other tool like that).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

1 - Creat at least two geometries.
2 - Enter the Sculpt Mode of one of them.
3 - Sculpt Something;
4 - Disable the "Lock Object Modes" option in the Edit Menu.
5 - Select any other geometry without leaving the sculpt mode (With Alt + Click)
6 - You will see that the modifications made in the first object will not be visible. The object will have the original appearance.

Based on the default startup.