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Compositer crashing frequently and unpredictably
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Group: V 2.43 release
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Category: Rendering (intern)


the bug is not simple to describe as it appears frequently and unpredictably, but it seems that there are fundamental problems with the compositor;

the image I am including with this is one permutation that appears to work when fiddling with in the interface, but once an animated render begins will unfailingly crash once one or two or how ever many it deems are enough have been rendered; an identical start does not give the same result, one time it will crash out whilst doing '5: displace' on frame one or it may have trouble with the scale on frame three. the most frames in a row that ive got out of it are 9 today.

This permutation is a compromise of what I would really like to do, which is to have different displacements occurring for each renderlayer, but this will not hold fast even in the interface; once you connect them into the composite chain, the app disappears and windows asks me to file a report...

I would like to include a noodle file for you, but they are all over 2 megabytes in size and would not include the textures that im using, so probably wouldnt tell you much anyway.

Its a real shame, ive mentioned this in identical posts on the and blenderartists forums, but i cant achieve what is possible with blender for the project i am currently engaged upon, although it seems that it is within the feature claims, so I am going to have to revert to commercial software - after effects, even though the actual result is not going to be as lovely as it would be from blender, at least there will be a deliverable result.

In the world of commercial graphics production, results are everything, like everywhere else in the business world, an idea is only any good if it can be realised...

i hope that blender's dreams don't remain as such


christian krupa

ps this has been attempted to render on a core duo tablet pc and a dual core athlon 3200, both with 2 gigabytes of ram the tablet has intel graphic (sometimes dodgy redraw but very usable and fast) the desktop has nvidia 6600gt (great in blender's lovely interface), running quite clean and well, with many different options toggled to try to achieve a render, the threads have been reduced to one, or savebuffers has been enabled , i have tried so many permutations of this to get it to work, i dont want to express my frustrations too much as i appreciate the time and energy put into blender.

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