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Puzzling keymap descriptions
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System Information
Operating system: Win7, 64-Bit
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX750

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80, 6fd11a21f5c5, master, 2019-03-10

Short description of error
I've been checking the Keymap section and had difficulty to understand some descriptions.

Example 1
(De)select All is used 4 times with A, Alt-A, Ctrl I and dbl-A

This is not correct, I was expecting something more like
Select all --> A
Deselect all --> Alt-A
Invert selection --> Ctrl I
Deselect all --> dbl-A

This is only shown in the Action part, when clicking on each small triangle at the left to open further explanation.

Example 2
Similar thing with Hide and Unhide Objects

Hide Objects is stated twice with keyboard shortcuts H and Shift H.
This is also not correct and puzzles users trying to understand the Keymaps.

Users would easily understand:

Hide Objects --> H
Hide unselected Objects --> Shift H
Unhide all Objects --> Alt H

But here, there is no Action information like on the (De)select section. Instead, there is only a clickable text called Unselected.

Example 3
Delete is described with X, Shift X, Delete and Shift Delete
Especially the Shift versions confused me.

Delete from current scene --> X
Delete from all scenes --> Shift X
Delete without confirmation --> Delete
Delete without confirmation from all scenes--> Shift Delete

I'd be glad to help to rename the descriptions :)



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While it would be good to improve this, it's not a bug.

We have operators that can perform multiple actions, and those operators have only one name. A system to change the operator name depending on the setting could be good, but is outside the scope of the bug tracker.