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Blender 2.8 completely slows down by applied materials in Evee in rendered view
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Short description of the test

Rendered view Evee;
4 objects: Cone, Plane, Cube, Icosphere (See uploaded blend-file)

  • Cone: Cone material
  • Plane: Plane.material
  • Cube: Cube material
  • Icosphere: Icosphere material

  • Material settings of cone, make viewport, or actually the whole of blender 2.8 very slow
  • When deleting cone, Blender returns to normal
  • When hitting CMD-Z to undo the deletion, it brings back the cone, and Blender slows down again.
  • When applying the Cone material to the Cube, Blender works fine again (!!)
  • When undo-ing that, and applying the Cone material to the Icosphere, Blender stays slow
  • Removing the red cube, makes Blender fast again (undoing that, Blender becomes slow again)
  • Removing Icosphere, Blender stays slow
  • Applying cone.material to Icosphere, Blender stays slow
  • Applying then the cone material to the Cube, then Blender becomes fast again.
  • Redoing previous steps, results stay the same.
  • Saving this project and opening it again: Same result
    • Changing the cone-material itself (giving the subsurface a value of 0.0) speeds blender up again.
    • Giving subsurface a high(er) value blender is still fast
    • Going back to the subsurface value of 0.036364 and Blender is slow again...
  • But the above three steps don't always work that way.
  • Putting the metallic shader blow 1.0 does the trick and makes it fast again.

Blender 2.8 Beta
March 17 2019

MacOS High Sierra
27 inch, mid 2011
3,4 GHz Intel core i7
24 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6970 2048 MB