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Wireframe displays triangulated in sculpt mode
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System Information
Win 10

Description of error

Wireframe always displays triangulated in sculpt mode, even if your mesh are in quads or ngons.

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It's a known limitation of the current sculpt drawing code, not considered a bug but something we can improve.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) Ok. I thought it was a bug because in 2.79 it displays correctly.

Will this be addressed soon? The triangle display is quite distracting.

Hmm, didnt actually check the code, but it possibly draws triangles in sculpt mode due to usage of MLoopTris instead of MFace, aka triangle only mesh representation vs tri and quad like before.
( I doubt sculpting supports ngons and polys directly, but i could be wrong here.) Could also be the drawing code does own triangulation there.