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can't lasso select multiple vertices when see trough it enabled and my active tool is the move tool
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win 10
intel i5
amd radeon

blender 2.8

When see trough is enabled , I can't lasso select multiple vertices .

My active tool is the move tool , so ctrl select +left mouse is my lasso tool .
I am still using right mouse select
This didnt t happen with the previous beta



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Can't even select edges with ctrl + left click ( again move tool is focused ) , so ctrl . left click = lasso
But this time also in wireframe mode without see trough

When using the lasso tool as primary tool , everything works

The picture shows what's currently not possible in the latest beta

Some more info

So it seems that the selection only shows up after I have shift right clicked the object
Picture 1 shows a sphere where I have lasso selected a star shaped region in the middle of the sphere , it clearly shows nothing .
As usual , the move tool is my prinary tool , the lasso selection is ctrl+left click
Picture 2 shows the selection after shift +richt clicking , or ctrl + right clicking
Then the selection shows up

For the edges it's the same issue , with the exception that the selection also doesn't show up in regular wireframe ( without see trough )

It all behaves correctly when lasso select is the primary tool , it only happens when move is primary and lasso = ctrl + left click