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Collapsed nodes should not shrink
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Closing nodes by default often makes them too narrow, so that you cannot read the header text. The user must then go through each node and resize it back to a reasonable length.

By default, the node becomes this short:

Instead, we should not shorten the length of the node, but keep the length the same as when the node was open:

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This seems to be caused by line 586 in node_draw.c.

node->totr.xmax = locx + 3 * hiddenrad + node->miniwidth;

This causes xmax to be smaller than locx + NODE_WIDTH(node);. I've also noticed that resizing a hidden/closed node doesn't work properly, it only hides the label without shrinking the box.

The resizing of the node is weird in general. Increasing the size of the hidden node also doesn't increase the size of the node when not hidden. Once it's unhidden it returns to the original size.