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sidepanel (properties panel) works inconsistently
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System Information

-This happens when **region overlap** option in preferences is activated. 
-Then you use the hotkey to open/close it. 
-Let's suppose you let it closed.
-Then you switch from current workspace to another one, and come back.
-But the panel is opened, instead closed as you did previously



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What is "this", and what is "it"?

Please describe what the problem is in more detail.
Additionally it could help if you provide screenshots or a short screen recording.

You are right, sorry my bad speak! I'm talking about sidepanels / properties panels. In the circumstances I related before, it doesn't remain closed. It automatically opens when switching between work spaces:

Hmm, seems to work fine for me. Can you reproduce the same issue in other workspaces and with factory settings?

With factory settings I can't reproduce too. But I noticed is something related with region overlap option ( because only happens with it activated) and also with hotkeys, because closing manually doesn't happens.

Please attach a .blend file to reproduce the issue.

Yep, attaching

I'm not a developer, but It's not about preferences issue? because it is directly related to region overlap option?

Still can't reproduce this issue with this .blend file. I guess there is something else in your configuration that leads to this problem. That it doesn't happen with region overlap gives a hint, but is not enough to pinpoint the issue.

Does it happen with factory settings? If not, can you figure out what in your configuration it is that makes this fail?

Yeah, with factory setting it's all ok. Then is something about my keymap for sure. The reason:

1-when I close/open the panel manually with the little arrow doesn't happens
2-Then I loaded factory setting and import my current custom keymap to check it out, and my surprise was big for to see an error message like this:

From logical point of view, how is possible to get and error of keymap that is working well with just other preferences ?

right, I found which preference cause the problem, is about region alpha of my custom keymap. Its was desactivated. In some cases I do that for to determine which hotkeys I really need and which are unnecessaries. So after activate it, all goes fine.

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Ok, so not a bug.

Ideally these timers would not be part of the keymap at all.