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AVI is available but MOV not available
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MacOS 10.14.4 Mojave

I can tell Blender 2.80 support on .AVI not fair about .MOV
Please put back support on .mov please. Macintosh already have support .mov many years since from 1984 until now
I am use Final Cut Pro support can read on .mov also .mp4



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Apple removed support, see D2333 for details.

Why you did not answer ignore me? Please put feature use .mov and .mp4 please for Blender 2.80

You can still export Quicktime or other types of video files through FFMPEG.

Further, this tracker is strictly for bugs and not feature requests.

FFMPEG .mkv is not support not work for Mac. Please back on .mov and .mp4 I am still stubborn to ask you again, again until fix it.
iPad and iPhone just use .mp4 but Mac still use .mov many years support insert into Final Cut Pro it work and QuickTime it work still support on .mov and .mp4.

FFMPEG supports writing to mov and mp4 as well.

Please put back mov and mp4.
.mkv not work for Mac. Not fair on .avi

Do you have Macintosh yourself?

Just select FFMPEG Video and change Output > Encoding > Container.

Thank you for your explain me right one.