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Eevee: Plane with reflection plane rendered as transparent (alpha=0)
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When creating a plane and placing a reflection plane around it, the plane is rendered as transparent (alpha value is 0).

Blender file:

In viewport (with "Show data" enabled for the reflection plane):

Rendered (as screenshot):

Rendered output:


Win 7 Pro SP1 64bit
Intel HD Graphics 4600

Blender version: 2.80-cc73d59ad580-win64 (yesterday daily build)



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Not exactly sure if I understand correctly, but from just opening the file and rendering, I get this:

[which seems correct to me]

I assume your graphics drivers are up to date?
Have you checked this on another machine / different hardware?
There might be issues with the 4600, but I havent seen this mentioned here T61936...
@Clément Foucault (fclem), @Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) : does this ring a bell with you?

It is up to date but it seems Intel doesn't provide any more updates for my system (last update was only a security update).

CPU: Intel i3 4th gen.

Driver version:
Driver date: 9/18/2018

If I just render the sample file I get the output shown above so it seems to be a driver problem.

Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Your GPU is sadly EOL (end of life) and will not receive any more updates. So this driver bug you are experiencing will never be solved.
I don't know if there is much we can do on our side.

I downloaded a new 2.80beta (June 12th, 2404220e80a9) and it now works as expected. My system didn't change.

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