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segmentation fault during undo
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System Information
Operating system: Debian 9.8 (stretch)
Graphics card: Nvidia Quadro K4200

Blender Version
Broken: blender 2.80 beta (a3b88c917299)

Short description of error

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I was following this tutorial:
around 13m20s, when creating the bezier curve, i discover i did something wrong (that tutorial uses blender v2.71), so i did some undos (about 6-7 undos) to rectify. suddenly after pressing a ctrl+z, blender crashed with a segmentation fault.
i tried to reproduce it to no avail, but the backtrace provides some info.

i see there're many open bugs related to crashes after UNDO. hopefully this is a different bug.



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I had a similar instance occur on MacOS. Segmentation faults seem to occur every ~10 minutes, sometimes with no obvious cause/action.