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Move tool settings bar to editors
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Move tool settings bar from top bar to individual editors with toolbar.

  • 3D Viewport
  • UV editor
  • Movie Clip editor
  • Node editor?

The tool settings bar visibility will be opaque and above the header. It will be possible to hide just the tool settings but keep the header. In this case the editor type switching moves from the tool settings bar to the header.

The tool settings bar would contain:

  • Editor type switching
  • Mode and select mode
  • Tool settings
  • Orientation, snap, ..
  • Popovers for mode panels

The header would contain

  • Menus
  • Display settings

Ideally quad splitting would be improved so it's easy to have e.g. two viewports with a single topbar, but this is not required for 2.80.


Differential Revisions
D4680: Move topbar to 3D viewport editor
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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Confirmed, High.Apr 12 2019, 8:23 AM
Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) created this task.
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i would like to point out that moving "Mode and select mode..etc" to the tool settings bar is not ideal and here is why.

  1. we will not be able to fit all tool settings in one row.'s doable now even if we split the viewport into 2 or more, we will lose that if more options are added.
  2. each tool in each mode has it's special menus that some are only activated by their sub-components, so these menus work best near their modes as it is now and some have quite few like the grease pencil edit mode, should they move too to the tool settings bar which doesn't have any space left and therefore causes the header to be empty while toolbar cluttered?.
  3. generally users use pie menu for switching modes and hotkeys for their components, keeping this in the header not only gives a visual clearity between the two but gives freedom to hide the header as options there are secondary to the tool settings which are used more often than them so the tool bar stay open while header can be switched off with a hotkey or quick favorites.

this is my two cents that i think makes sense at least to me, other parts i have no objection as they don't interfere that much.

This is done apart from Mode and select mode being in the header currently (a minor change).

Since this issue was created we had a design discussion with @Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) & @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) where we agreed on D4721, pending feedback from @William Reynish (billreynish).

It's not clear which parts of this task still need to be worked on.
Probably we'll sort this out in a UI design meeting instead.

I want to remember this problem that blender actually have if the user move the N-shelf to the left. The panel is place at right of T-shelf, making hard to use it.

I don't know a perfect solution, The first idea is move to the left. Also a transparent BG could work with few tabs. ut this list will grow easily

The original task is finished now.