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Can't commit my changes when using Ubuntu
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I can't commit my changes with Ubuntu, fixing this will make my life easier.
Here is a screenshot of the problem if anyone can give me some tips why this is happening!
I'm using kdesvn but I don't think that matters, I'm having issues authenticating my username/password against blender's svn server when I'm trying to commit in Ubuntu,


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Daniel Tlisha (Nart) created this object with edit policy "All Users".

Might be wrong here, since I've only been working with Git and Blender's patch system, but I think you need to submit a patch if you don't have write access the the SVN repo. See here:

EDIT: NVM, I was wrong, apparently if you have a Blender Developer account you have commit access to SVN:
That being said, the recommended way to submit code to Blender is through the patch system. Blender was moved from SVN to Git a long time ago.