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Remove Broken Addons from Release and Contrib
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Hi As 2.8 is getting ever closer it's time to look at making some decisions about addons and the addons list in Blender 2.8.

First, it should be made clear that all of the 2.79 addons release list was never intended to be the 2.8 addons release list. The 2.79 addons list was extended to mark the end of the series and to showcase, show code, show ideas and concepts that addons had provided

This is my proposal and plan to handle the addons list transition to Blender 2.8

Preparing the Blender addons and addons_contrib repo's for 2.8 release
*Addons Developers*
1: Actively encourage and help new and old developers to participate in the updating of addons to 2.8
1.1: Help new addons developers to join the addons project and participate in addons development within the Blender git environment.
2: As an addons developer within reason your welcome to fix/update the addons repo to fix api changes. If you fix your addon and notice other addons with the same issue, your welcome to fix. Updates to 2.8 api are fine without a task. Please create a task here if you wish to make more substantial changes to another authors addon. If you are not yet an addons developer but have fixed some built in addons you need yourself, you are most welcome to submit a task with the fixed addon and we will test and make use of it.

Addons Contrib
*Addons Contrib needs a revamp. There's several issues to address.*
1: Contrib was initially designed as a platform for new Blender addons devs to get used to committing and working on their addons until they were ready for the move to release addons.
1.1:This worked only up to a point, some addons authors made good use of it, some addons were not ready for release but working and maintained. Some addons ended up abandoned or orphaned and unmaintained and some had good concepts and different code methods that may have been useful in developing further addons.
2: *Revitalizing Contrib*
2.1: Addons Contrib needs to be largely cleaned out.
2.2: Addons that are still actively mainlined with the goal of inclusion in 2.8 series and addons fully working/updated in 2.8 nightly builds are acceptable.
2.3: Orphaned, unmaintained, broken, non 2.8 compatible addons should be removed. The Author will and should retain the right to add his/her addon back to addons contrib once updated to 2.8 and after creating a new task here:
Addons Contrib Summary
Contrib is still a useful section for addons, with 2.8 on the horizon, and the removal of non viable addons, we can free up space for the next and new generation of addons devs. It can also provide a place to repair and rebuild addons from 2.8 beta that are not updated and returning errors.

Addons 2.8 Release
*Working Release*
1: All addons released with Blender 2.8 should be working at the time of release. With such major api changes, some addons are no longer viable, many are unmaintained and will take time to fix if they ever are. We should not release with these addons.
1.1: Known reported bugs in working scripts are ok.
1.2: Non updated to 2.8 api and non maintained addons should be removed from release and added to the cleaned up Addons Contrib repo until they are updated and added back to release.
1.2.1: Addons removed from release into contrib should have a lifespan of 6 months after which they should be removed from the contrib repo and a new task crated if/when they become maintained.
Addons Release Summary
With the 2.8 series we are presented here with a good opportunity to clean up and reduce the number of addons in Blender and make room for new addons with new developers and new concepts. As noted above some addons may take time to repair and return. During the transition from 2.4 series to 2.5 series, many addons did not come back. Most of the nest and popular "most used" addons eventually made a return but this was over a long period of time and some did not return until the 2.6 series and 2.7 series. Keeping this in mind we can now start to clean up and make a solid foundation addons 2.8 release.

To summarize quickly. We take out the broken unmaintained addons from contrib and replace them with the broken non updated addons from release and have an error free as possible release for Blender 2.8.
Any removed addons have the opportunity and time to come back later in the 2.8 series.
I believe this proposal to be fair. It's simply not possible to fix all the addons and a clean up will commence shortly, over time and on a per addon basis.

Thanks. I'll use this task as reference to any addons removed.

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rBACe99bfab96081: remove uv addons, unsupported T63750
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rBAC95b483bf7f12: remove sequencer addons: unsupported T63750
rBAC58b071854eb8: render_shots: remove?: unsupported T63750
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rBACc4205e36b388: light_field_tools: remove: unsupported T63750
rBACcec05c972926: space_view3d_paint_bprojection: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC661331b5b15b: object_particle_hair_net: remove: unsupported T63750
rBACd967fb99c575: data_overrides: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC68efb00d766d: mesh_copy_uvs_from_joined: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC92b12ad54f11: mesh_ktools: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC6d61228006d6: mesh: border select/extrude along curve: remove: T63750
rBAC27a2459f31eb: lamp_geographical_sun: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC2bf4a6948fb9: text_intellisense: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC91303e84e0d2: development_api_navigator: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC2eb5726944ed: mocap tools: revert last commit T63750
rBAC017b3c8f8518: mocap tools: removed: unsupported T63750
rBAC48054575146a: cmu_mocap_browser: removed: unsupported: T63750
rBACbdf707767350: space_view3d_add_surround_cameras: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC716901d76945: space_view3d_library_hide: remove: unsupported T63750
rBAC42ab6ffa1f4a: ui_layer_manager: removed: unsupported T63750
rBACf439379cf637: object_cloud_gen: removed unsupported: T63750
rBACda05f7138eb6: space_view3d_enhanced_3d_cursor: T63750 Broken > Remove from contrib
rBAe529809cf651: development_edit_operator: returned to release: T63750 c983a2472846 T68541
rBACc6429b8c79e8: development_edit_operator: return to release: T63750 c983a2472846 T68541
rBAc63bb5abce16: Dynamic Brush Menus: return to release: T68350 T63750 437e41a06681
rBACe479f81053ba: Dynamic Brush Menus: move to release: T68350 T63750 437e41a06681
rBAC8b5ea4d118e5: animation_animall: remove from contrib: T68332 T63750 e6a1dfbe53be
rBA610fb38cc215: animation_animall: return to release: T68332 T63750 e6a1dfbe53be
T68590: Render To Print: update 2.8 series
rBAC8bcab7a3c5f9: materials_utils: return to release: T67990 T63750 01d80b8f602f
rBA802904cf43da: materials_utils: return to release: T67990 T63750 01d80b8f602f
T68332: Update animation_animall to Blender 2.8
T67990: Materials Utils: move to release 2.81
rBACb7143e47e40f: object_fracture_crack/ moved to contrib: T63750 T61901
rBA05af39acf857: object_fracture_crack/ move to contrib: T63750 T61901
rBAC2857bf9e9026: mocap tools: moved to contrib T63750
rBACc227a08f9746: netrender: moved to contrib: T63750
rBACc03411a312a5: io_blend_utils: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAe8dfc682098e: mocap tools: move to contrib: T63750
rBA9a6e192fcecd: netrender: move to contrib: T63750
rBA0754604e5788: io_blend_utils: move to contrib: T63750
rBACf00d4fbe8485: object_fracture_cell: returned to release: T61901 T63750 f7c91d3382e
rBAfffaf5d2759d: object_fracture_cell: return to release: T61901 T63750 f7c91d3382ea
T65258: "Corrective shape keys" add on updated for 2.8
rBACc3d666e2753e: mesh_tools: restored to release: T63750 9e99e90f08c9
rBA682d48cefcc3: mesh_tools: restore to release: T63750 9e99e90f08c9
rBACbccf3c7e1a4c: space_view3d_stored_views: restored to release: T63750 d9ffde707fe5
rBA20a8e9d3f585: space_view3d_stored_views: Restore release status: T63750 d9ffde707fe5
T65823: Trilighting: Add basic 3 point lighting set: Contrib to 2.8
rBAC28af3c079ef3: space_view3d_display_tools: unsupported: remove from repo: T63750
rBAC1a4e24212804: add_advanced_objects_panels: unsupported: removed from repo T63750
rBAC9d7c972a605a: add_advanced_objects_menu: unsupported: removed from repo: T63750
rBAC97fa83e16f29: animation_add_corrective_shape_key: Update for 2.8 T63750 T65258
rBACef8a518a4b82: mesh edit tools: remove from contrib T63750
rBACb4f4f8b62f5b: uv_texture_atlas/bake to vcols: moved to contrib: update class names: T63750
rBA2e41fe16c593: move to contrib: T63750
rBACc93a9a7fb0e0: uv_bake_texture_to_vcols: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA962fd14ae308: uv_bake_texture_to_vcols: move to contrib: T63750
rBACdd297ee4e111: sequencer_kinoraw_tools: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAdccb34a6395d: sequencer_kinoraw_tools: move to contrib: T63750
rBACea0f8ae7b384: object_animrenderbake: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA774a8331c371: object_animrenderbake: move top contrib: T63750
rBAC04a48015ced2: light_field_tools: moved to contrib; T63750
rBA0aacb34c8217: light_field_tools: move to contrib: T63750
rBACc55157d080bd: space_clip_editor_autotracker: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA5b66741510f7: space_clip_editor_autotracker: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC1de24bfff765: render_clay: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA66e9ff919917: render_clay: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC242c90808f00: object_cloud_gen: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA9662534b4586: object_cloud_gen: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC4d079c929714: object_fracture_cell/crackit: moved to contrib: T63750 T61901
rBAf7c91d3382ea: object_fracture_cell/crackit: move to contrib: T63750 T61901
rBAC5a7e6f37d2b5: mseh_extra_tools: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA9e99e90f08c9: mesh_extra_tools: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC199586c9884e: materials_utils: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA01d80b8f602f: materials_utils: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC1d575b2f63f9: io_scene_vrml2: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA1614612f83cc: io_scene_vrml2: move to contrib: T63750
rBACfa9b118763bb: io_online_sketchfab: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAfc73dfda8ba8: io_online_sketchfab: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC2d8e9ac2ff29: io_mesh_raw: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAb734e0a2a134: io_mesh_raw: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC9471003d948b: io_scene_ms3d: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA64b1f812d4e2: io_scene_ms3d: move to contrib: T63750
rBACb1a19799d2ec: io_import_scene_lwo: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA31608d8ee37b: io_import_scene_lwo: move to contrib: T63750
rBACea1fc87c61f7: io_import_gimp_image_to_scene: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA272e9b17723c: io_import_gimp_image_to_scene: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC9a2aa009720e: io_sequencer_edl: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA887d5eb1672a: io_sequencer_edl: move to contrib: T63750
rBACbe74fdaf30e6: io_convert_image_to_mesh_img: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAd19453eb3dfa: io_convert_image_to_mesh_img: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC6f6c33743030: io_export_after_effects: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA4e7735c70026: io_export_after_effects: move to contrib: T63750
rBACa776ac851dd5: io_export/import unreal_psk_psa: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA0704ebc48b47: io_export/import_unreal_psk_psa: move to contrib: T63750
rBACec2d0c1a6dac: io_scene_x: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAd3446b1bed05: io_scene_x: move to contrib: T63750
rBACfefc9c4eb840: io_anim_c3d: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA3b1a9ce7aa87: io_anim_c3d: move to contrib: T63750
rBACa2d315b0243b: io_scene_3ds: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAc6a8aaba3b33: io_scene_3ds: move to contrib: T63750
rBACeab84e27ef57: io_anim_acclaim: moved to contrin: T63750
rBAd88d2ac99dca: io_anim_acclaim: move to contrib: T63750
rBACc72cd2b49b0b: development_edit_operator, moved to contrib: T63750
rBAc983a2472846: development_edit_operator: move to contrib: T63750
rBACa4973e04385e: development_ui_classes: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA0ad409a2039f: development_ui_classes: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC727127a47911: development_api_navigator: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAcecf9516c225: development_api_navigator: move to contrib: T63750
rBACd9063dd98ce1: animation_add_corrective_shape_key: moved to contrib: T63750
rBA38475602b2ef: animation_add_corrective_shape_key: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC4fbbc44f79db: animation_animall: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAe6a1dfbe53be: animation_animall: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC795977684612: space_view3d_display_tools: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAc44a9cb5ba9e: space_view3d_display_tools: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC487d7bad9264: space_view3d_stored_views: moved to contrib: T63750
rBAd9ffde707fe5: space_view3d_stored_views: move to contrib: T63750
rBACf57d359e7e08: space_view3d_brush_menus; moved to contrib: T63750
rBA437e41a06681: space_view3d_brush_menus: move to contrib: T63750
rBAC138924263fe3: ui_layer_manager moved to contrib: T63750
rBA12eaa8d83fa4: ui_layer_manager: move to contrib: T63750
T64835: Python templates and addons need testing/updating
rBAC1574015c9a16: Add to to contrib: add advanced objects series: Needs redesign. T63750
rBA713fa9b2c412: Remove to contrib: add advanced objects series: T63750
rBACfe37465a84fd: Revert Remove: rBAC2b80d4ed8437 fix panel tab name T63750
rBAC3370f8b5e474: Remove: add_mesh_icicle/snowflake: unsupported: T63750
rBACf8e239c5a3be: Remove: space_view3d_panel_measure: unsupported: T63750
rBACe63a10d3abb0: Remove: space_view3d_game_props_visualiser: unsupported: T63750
rBAC8493d979e051: Remove: object_particle_hair_lab: unsupported: T63750
rBAC8922bb0882d0: Remove outdated addons by Oscurart. unsupported: T63750
rBAC6e88c992d99a: Remove: space_view3d_cursor_control: Unsupported: T63750
rBACed94314c26d2: Remove: add_mesh_space_tree: unsupported: T63750
rBAC68207bb93403: Remove: space_view3d_manipulator_Menu: unsupported: T63750
rBAC6858f3be8eb0: Remove: space_view3d_toolshelf_menu: unsupported: T63750
rBAC2b80d4ed8437: Remove add_mesh_cluster: unsupported: T63750
rBAC668ca1167a92: Remove add_mesh_castle: unsupported: T63750
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Current status for Addons:
Release: 95 addons, 23 need updating to 2.8
Contrib: 92 addons, 76 need updating to 2.8

Work will continue soon.

Current status for Addons:
Release: 76 addons, 7 need updating to 2.8
Contrib: 104 addons, 83 need updating to 2.8

more to do.

Does this mean that submissions like T40437 will be accepted now?

Does this mean that submissions like T40437 will be accepted now?

We are always trying to improve the code. Patches will be looked at and appropriate action taken. Remember that addons release is main focus. Currently addons contrib is full of broken addons and very few working addons. How would you like to help? Addons in contrib that are broken will be fully removed from the repo around 2.81, giving Authors time to fix or abandon their addons. You are most welcome to create a task for any code cleanup/fixes you have/find. Simple bulk fixes or larger fixes on a per addon basis should be ok.

Current status for Addons:

Release: 90 Addons including 23 updated to 2.8 over the last 3 months. Thanks to all that participated and helped.
32 Addons removed from release to addons contrib as they were not updated or unsupported or no maintainer.
This amounts to around a 25% reduction in addons included in Blender release.

Contrib: 98 Addons, 18 updated working addons.
32 Addons removed from release to addons contrib.
80 non working addons currently in contrib needing update to 2.8.

Next step will be the clean up of contrib.
Addons from 2.79 release that did not make it to 2.8 release and are moved to contrib should have until 2.81 to be updated.
As 2.8 release is likely to inspire people to fix some much used addons I think 2.81 would be the cut off point.
If they are not working by 2.81 they will be removed from addons contrib and the Blender Repo.
Some addons have already been removed from release and contrib as they were either special for 2.79 release, no longer valid, no longer supported by the author., discontinued features.

Hello @Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto),

is there some URL that is up-to-date which lists add-ons that need to be upgraded to 2.8? In case anyone has some spare time to help and wants to see if there is something interesting there..

PS. Thanks for your work!

Some stats. We started off with:
123 release addons in 2.8
82 contrib addons 2.8
205 total.
We now have:
95 release addons in 2.81
43 contrib addons in 2.81
138 total.
This gives us a 32.5% reduction in the total number of addons included. Pretty close to a 1/3 reduction.
67 addons removed entirely from the repo's. This is including addons that have arrived or are new in 2.8/2.81 so the reduction in old addons is slightly higher.
The majority of the work is done here with some stragglers in contrib to find more information on and a couple of known incoming updates.
Some more removals may follow, however there will not be the noise of the past few days.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) lowered the priority of this task from High to 50.Sep 15 2019, 12:03 PM

Is anybody looking at T50620, by any chance?

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Oct 29 2019, 11:19 AM

closing as resolved. any further removals will be treated on an individual basis. Any broken addons removed from Blender will go through review process before re-inclusion.