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Grease Pencil draw mode not working correctly when switching between scenes
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System Information
Operating system: MacOs 10.14.4
Graphics card: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB

Blender Version
version: 2.80 (sub 60), branch: blender2.7, commit date: 2019-04-29 17:52, hash: 047081841113, type: Release
build date: 2019-04-30, 01:34:12

Short description of error
Trying to use Blender for making Storyboards and Animatics and had problems with scenes and grease pencil objects

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • i create three scenes; one for the animatic (video editing workspace) and two scenes with grease pencil objects
  • I placed the grease pencil scenes on the sequencer of the animatic scene workspace
  • I switch to one grease pencil scene and try to go to the draw mode and it doesn't work
  • I switch to the other grease pencil scene and the draw mode works
  • I switch back to first scene and try to reselect the grease pencil object; try to activate the draw mode again; it doesn't work
  • I switch to the other scene and activate the draw mode and it works
  • I am not able to get into the draw mode of the first scene; only in the second scene



Event Timeline

@Matias Mendiola (mendio) Could you try to reproduce it? I'm no totally sure about the workflow here.

@Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) seems to be something related to "Lock object mode" in edit menu when there are more than one scene. I was able to switch modes again after turning off this checkbox.

Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.May 2 2019, 11:35 AM