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RenderEngine update_result() not showing intermediate result anymore
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System Information
Operating system: Arch Linux
Graphics card: GTX 970

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 (master, c68c81a870baa438a45e870aee677178632cce18)

Short description of error

The function RenderEngine.update_result()method no longer seems to work, as intermediate results are not shown in the render view. Only the final rendered image is shown after end_result() is called.

It worked until recently (sorry, don't have a specific working hash).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

See test case based on the example from, which adds 4 "samples" in different colors and calls update_result() for each of them. The status information is updated, but the render view stays empty. Only after end_result() is called is the final result shown in the render view.

blender -P -E CUSTOM

Event Timeline

Had an older binary daily of 2.8 lying around, in 6439ed844e7814fdc65e675bc851642382b72b60 it still works

Bisected down to 7cbb8f20a4b479380dac1d2a2f7c7f85ede408be (probably, as I needed to skip 2 commits that didn't build, see log below).

Indeed, setting Viewport -> Image Display Method from Automatic to 2D Texture brings back image display during rendering. Setting it to GLSL makes the intermediate render results disappear again.

git bisect start
# bad: [1c58604070682a1fe01d6fd49820c1578f18580a] Depsgraph: fix Bone property drivers stored in Object animdata.
git bisect bad 1c58604070682a1fe01d6fd49820c1578f18580a
# good: [6439ed844e7814fdc65e675bc851642382b72b60] Cleanup: remove tabs after line start
git bisect good 6439ed844e7814fdc65e675bc851642382b72b60
# good: [1b49c7fdd1f0a9f4532593207ce6be775dc8581c] Cleanup: redundant select flush
git bisect good 1b49c7fdd1f0a9f4532593207ce6be775dc8581c
# good: [c14e6ee9a45c5c69cb07696403da54dcf05f7d9a] Cleanup: Line wrapping
git bisect good c14e6ee9a45c5c69cb07696403da54dcf05f7d9a
# good: [7e4db169f2ab8dd62281f0b42a6f7e33be5f32d6] T63644:  Editing while parented is not rotating correctly
git bisect good 7e4db169f2ab8dd62281f0b42a6f7e33be5f32d6
# bad: [047081841113da73d7a13886218f5a56cfc62de6] Fix T59848: precisely represent the dependencies of Armature modifier.
git bisect bad 047081841113da73d7a13886218f5a56cfc62de6
# bad: [5f888e65c3e765d5c176d3f54cf7d20d216441fc] Outliner: Show parenting hierarchy in view layer view
git bisect bad 5f888e65c3e765d5c176d3f54cf7d20d216441fc
# bad: [bba60bb564cf5a16cfcac744d4ba82cf8eba3da9] Cleanup: style, use braces for gpencil modifiers
git bisect bad bba60bb564cf5a16cfcac744d4ba82cf8eba3da9
# bad: [33df4b78d0a48dab8b3dc78d6bae4c12a93a2bf2] make.bat: remove --expand-tabs from "make format" on windows.
git bisect bad 33df4b78d0a48dab8b3dc78d6bae4c12a93a2bf2
# good: [857b63f1d492eb48b40ce87abffc95d11e21803d] Cleanup: re-use test for ELEM & STR_ELEM
git bisect good 857b63f1d492eb48b40ce87abffc95d11e21803d
# bad: [40d8a407d79f5feba82966e6ba6c5ecd3d20fb3a] Fix invalid stack memory use with GPencil drawing
git bisect bad 40d8a407d79f5feba82966e6ba6c5ecd3d20fb3a
# skip: [7cbb8f20a4b479380dac1d2a2f7c7f85ede408be] GPU: automatically draw images with GLSL shader depending on resolution
git bisect skip 7cbb8f20a4b479380dac1d2a2f7c7f85ede408be
# skip: [f22397206f4d20ffbc862c02b025c572be900866] NLA: check that properties are animatable.
git bisect skip f22397206f4d20ffbc862c02b025c572be900866
# good: [ed0c9654ddfdcbe19d8094d4b4a43f0f06d9ee5c] Cleanup: remove unused OpenGL functions, rename some for clarity
git bisect good ed0c9654ddfdcbe19d8094d4b4a43f0f06d9ee5c
# bad: [b24dfff9b70815e3dd2d7ea4fb925add30fee206] Fix error in recent image preference change
git bisect bad b24dfff9b70815e3dd2d7ea4fb925add30fee206
# only skipped commits left to test
# possible first bad commit: [b24dfff9b70815e3dd2d7ea4fb925add30fee206] Fix error in recent image preference change
# possible first bad commit: [f22397206f4d20ffbc862c02b025c572be900866] NLA: check that properties are animatable.
# possible first bad commit: [7cbb8f20a4b479380dac1d2a2f7c7f85ede408be] GPU: automatically draw images with GLSL shader depending on resolution
Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Thanks for bisecting!

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) raised the priority of this task from Confirmed, Medium to Confirmed, High.Jun 17 2019, 12:27 PM