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Toolbar icon theming support
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Currently, the toolbar icons work well on dark backgrounds:

But on light backgrounds they become hard to read:

Since the toolbar icons are vectors, stored as meshes with materials, we could actually make the colors themable.

Each color is stored as a separate material, such as theme.general.base (white), theme.mesh.add (green), theme.mesh.modify (purple), theme.mesh.remove (Red) etc.

We could simply let the theme set these colors, so that bright themes can set the base color to be dark.


To Do

Event Timeline

Not sure if the outlines will be supported for these. Also I think it would look rather strange. It's cleaner to just use contrasting colors, rather than outlines

@William Reynish (billreynish) I think this was addressed in this revision.

Though for learning more, can I revert these changes and try the direction you hinted? I found the function def_internal_icon in interface_icons.c Line 181. But I couldn't find where the mesh colors are. If they are found, theme_color could be changed and this function could be called(alongside the one which currently changes all the colors.) whenever themes are changed. This would, however, redraw all the icons too.