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Save System Info in Help Menu error
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System Information
Operating system: Win 7
Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 200 / HD 7900 Series

Blender Version
Broken: ( 2.80, 427c75e4c20b, master, 2019-05-09, as found on the splash screen)

Short description of error

When trying to save system info in the Help Menu this error pops up and does not save info.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\farishta\blender-2.80.0\2.80\scripts\startup\bl_operators\", line 1414, in invoke
wm = context.window_manager
NameError: name 'context' is not defined

location: <unknown location>:-1

location: <unknown location>:-1

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Click on Save System Info in Help Menu

Event Timeline

Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to 30.May 10 2019, 3:09 PM

Can't reproduce. Is this still happening with the latest beta?

Correct. It started happening with the May 09 beta build, waited to see if it was a fluke or something on my end but it happens with todays build as well.

Could you try again with tomorrows build?