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Top right of 3D View looks crowded
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As several users have pointed out, the top right of the 3D View suffers from 'buttonitis' - sometimes we have 3 rows of icon buttons here, which makes things very hard to visually separate.

We can improve this by making two small changes:

  • Move the viewport gizmo buttons to flow along the right edge
  • Slightly change the default theme so the header is more distinct from the 3D View background, making it be more separated:


We could also increase the Y height of the tool settings region:

This adds more separation, and also gives enough space for the tool icons, which currently are cramped:


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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Normal priority.

You could consider moving the four viewport buttons a few pixels higher, in the header :

(animated image)

CandleComet (CandleComet) claimed this task.

D5670: Addressing Top Right Viewport Crowding (T64929) - Implements the two small changes; It doesn't include the suggestion of increasing the Y height of the settings.