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"Dots" in node editor can no longer be selected by just clicking on them
Closed, ResolvedPublic


System Information:
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
Graphics card: GTX 950M

Blender Version:
Broken: 2.80 Beta e78770039397
Worked: One of the older Blender 2.80 Betas and Blender 2.79

Short description of error:
The little dots made in node editors by Shift+Click+Dragging the mouse can not be selected by just clicking on the dot as you used to be able to do in older versions of Blender.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error:

  1. Open Blender.
  2. Open a node editor with a set of nodes connected by "noodles"
  3. Create a "dot" somewhere along the "noodle" by holding down Shift then clicking and dragging across the "Noodle"
  4. Deselect the "dot"
  5. Try to reselect the dot by just clicking on it (left or right click)
  6. Neither of these options will work. If you test this in Blender 2.79, it will work.