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Specific File with Dynamic paint hangs on render (but renders on deleting dynamic paint canvas object)
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System Information
Operating system: GNU/Linux (Fedora 30)
Graphics card: nvidia 1050 (mobile on Dell xps 15)

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80, 85322737baec, blender2.80 beta, 2019-05-22, from buildbot)
Worked: unkown

Short description of error
On this file, starting a render or a bake results in blender hanging at 0% either using cycles or eevee. Cancelling render hangs at 'cancelling' though the file can be saved in this state.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
1- load the attached .blend
2- press render

There is an object in the file named 'water' that is a dynamic paint canvas. deleting this object results in the file rendering fine. I suspect this is a depsgraph issue and not cycles/eevee since it happens in both engines.



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PS: I would *love* a fix or a workaround suggestion before June 1st, when this is due ;)

As far as I can tell this is the subdivision surface modifier just being very slow. In the viewport it's disabled due to simplify settings.

I can confirm, as soon as I remove the subdiv modifier on the water, it doesn't seem to freeze anymore.
(Can also confirm that it seem to endlessly compute when I remove the simplify setting (so that the subdiv modifier is evaluated in the viewport).

The reason for the slowness seem to be the N-gons on the water mesh. We already have an issue for this.

sorry confirmed here too - it was the subdiv and not the dynamic paint (and I just didn't notice it because of the simplify setting *blush* )