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Regression: Gesture Box "Deselect" selects instead
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Graphics card: GTX 950

Blender Version
2.80, fd3f75a02cf9, 64 bit, 2019-05,23

In the preferences, in the Gesture Box section, Middle Click is assigned as the Deselect option. When using Box Selection by holding left click, pressing Middle click does not deselect the elements in the box selection, instead it selects them.

This behavior was functional in 2.79c, when the Gesture Box was called Gesture Border.
Note that the Select Box, when started with the B shortcut, functions as expected. It is only when the left mouse (click and drag), using the Select Box tool on the left toolbar, that middle click selects instead of deselect.

Repro Steps:

  1. Open Blender 2.8 (as of the 23rd of May 2019)
  2. In edit mode on the default cube, select all vertices with A
  3. select the Box Selection tool
  4. Click and drag left click over half of the cube without letting it go.
  5. Press and release Middle Click.
  6. Observe the cube's vertices get selected instead of deselected.



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Thank you for the info, I added the hash number and additional info.

Also thank you for your work on blender

As far as I know, this is not a bug.

With the Box Select tool, click and drag to create new selections. Hold Shift to extend the selection and Ctrl to subtract. The middle mouse button is not needed.


this feature was present before, in 2.79.

Furthermore, pressing a button labeled "Deselects" in the Gesture Box (the same gesture box that does govern the left-click and drag select box) actually selects elements, instead of deselecting.

As the keyboard shortcuts do not do what they say (and I'm filing this because this simple function is quite useful in my workflow, or else I wouldn't bother) :), it does suggest being a bug.

(It is currently my biggest gripe in 2.8)

Thank you

I don't follow, unfortunately.

pressing a button labeled "Deselects" in the Gesture Box

Which button is this?

As the keyboard shortcuts do not do what they say

How so?


Sorry if the explanation is unclear. I will illustrate.

The gesture box (the shortcuts that govern the select box tool) states that while the selection is active, releasing the middle click button with deselect what is inside the box

Stating the Select box by pressing B will yield exactly that result, as expected.

BUG: Using the Select Box tool (perhaps called the "builtin.select_box") does not yield the same result. Pressing then releasing the middle click button will select vertices/edges/faces instead of deselecting them.

Both tools use the same Gesture Box controls. As proof, disabling the shortcuts here affects both modes of the Select Box.

Yes, the "left click" select box Selects, and not deselect, as you said. However, wouldn't one expect that the Deselect button (releasing middle click) would deselect?

This behavior, before the Select Box was a specific tool and dragging the mouse always created a box selection, was present in older versions. Perhaps the function was lost when selecting became a tool instead of a general action?

Thank you

Well, as far as I can see, it works as intended. When using the Box Select tool, you drag to select, hold Shift to extend and Ctrl to subtract. That is how it's intended to work. Middle mouse click is not applicable in this case - what matters is holding Shift or Ctrl.

You can also manually set whether to add, subtract, invert or intersect the current selection using these controls:


then can you answer this, to get a similar behavior:

I map the Box Select to Right Click (and disable any menus that pop up using right click): This works

(The actual Select Box, not the tool on the left.)

I remove Waiting for input in the shortcut, because I want to immediately start drawing the box when holding right click: It works
Setting up releasing right click selects the vertices. It works
Setting up pressing the left click to deselect. It does not work.

After testing, I see that unchecking the wait for input checkbox in the Select Box shortcut is the thing that prevent this whole thing from working in one go.

Checking that checkbox and using whatever mouse button (like mouse button 4) to get the big cross in the screen works. The tools behave exactly as the controls say they do. But when waiting for input is unchecked, the gesture box does not function.

Is the issue in the Wait for Input, then?

Please, it's the single most basic operation of the software that does not follow the shortcuts.

Thank you